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The Cellar


Wines from Vinya l'Hereu are elaborated in a small village called Seró, within the municipality of Artesa de Segre in the county of La Noguera. In the appellation Costers del Segre, sub-zone Artesa.


Harvesting is done by hand, respecting skills passed down through the ages. By the end of September, early October starts the vintage. Wines are stored and aged until they reach their maturity and then further aged in a bottle.


Due to the interest to promote and preserve the natural balance and biological process, which should obtain  red wines with  characteristics. The delightful wine is made by work and feeling, respecting vineyards  and mother nature. It requires the delicate handling, which combines personality and special features of Seró lands. There are several factors to consider when we talk about wine but innovating new methods and keeping the principles of winemaking helps  to get a good wine. 

Molí, s/n. 25739 Seró - Artesa de Segre -Lleida, Catalunya. Espanya.
Telèfon i fax (+34) 973 400 472
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